10 Things Men Don’t Find Attractive In Women

While women always tend to spend more time getting ready, they can still overdo and exaggerate in some areas when it comes to style, appearance and overall presence. That is why, below we have a list of 10 things women tend to overdo, that men simply don’t like:

  1. An Extreme Hairstyle

Having too much hair volume or accessories in your hair is not that attractive, as men prefer a more simple and modest look with a natural hair.

  1. Excessive Makeup

While makeup is used in general by millions of women, overdoing it isn’t going to get you anywhere with the gentlemen and the only thing it will make you look will be funny.

  1. Fake Eyelashes

Avoid using excessive mascara on your eyelashes or wear artificial ones, as men prefer nice and long but natural eyelashes.

  1. Shiny Makeup

If you want to grab a guy’s attention, go for a matte makeup.

  1. Bad Breath and Yellow Teeth

Stained teeth and bad breath is an indicator that someone isn’t maintaining a good oral hygiene.

  1. Lack of Personal Hygiene

Unshaved legs, broken nails, messy hair are a big no-no, so just as we ladies prefer a well-groomed man, they prefer a well-kept lady.

  1. Greasy or Dry Skin

Drink water and make sure you use moisturizing products to keep your skin hydrated.

  1. Retouching Your Makeup in Public

Men have a hard time falling for beauty tricks, so avoid retouching your makeup in front of them, or at least go to the bathroom, somewhere you can’t be seen.

  1. Dark Lips

Not only can dark lipstick stain your teeth, but it tends to put the partner off, so try going for red.

  1. Too Much Perfume

Lightly spraying is enough when using a strong scented perfume, but using too much can make a man suffocate.

Source: womandailytips.com