15 Cancer Symptoms Women Often Ignore!

Statistics have shown that cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in our modern society, and it seems that this condition is becoming more and more common. Fortunately for us, before the tragic news hit and the tumor has developed, our body sends signals to our conscious mind that something is wrong within us.

  1. Breast Changes

Breast lumps don’t always indicate cancer, however, it is still important to perform a checkup if you notice some as the doctor can properly diagnose the cause.

  1. Bloating

Research has shown that women are prone to bloating, however, if this symptoms comes with bleeding or weight loss, then it is time to contact a doctor.

  1. Between Period Bleeding

If you’re bleeding between periods, then immediately contact a doctor, because if it isn’t cancer, it is surely some other health condition.

  1. Skin Changes

Changes in a mole’s size, color or shape is another common sign of skin cancer.

  1. Blood in Urine or Stool

If you’re bleeding from a place you shouldn’t then you need to be alarmed and contact a doctor if the bleeding lasts for more than 2 days.

  1. Lymph Node Changes

The lymph nodes are bean-sized and shaped glands which go around our bodies. In case of an infection, they are the first to undergo a change and swell.

  1. Trouble Swallowing

Having a hard time swallowing can happen to everyone, but if it is becomes a common thing, accompanied with vomiting and weight loss, contact a doctor.

  1. Random Weight Loss

Another common symptom of pancreatic cancer is unexplained sudden weight loss.

  1. Heartburn

Consuming too much alcohol, food and stress can cause heartburn, but if you experience it on daily basis, then it is something to be alarmed for.

  1. Mouth Changes

Oral cancer is mostly indicated by white or bright red patches inside the mouth and on the lips.

  1. Fever

Common fevers and a weakened immune system are strong signs of blood cancer, so check with your doctor if you notice this symptom.

  1. Fatigue

Feeling tired and exhausted despite getting a good night’s sleep is a common symptom of many health conditions, but it can also indicate that something is seriously wrong with your body.

  1. Change in Urination

Frequent urination in small amounts, or slow urine flow can be caused either by urinary tract infections or enlarged prostate glands.

  1. Unexplained Pain

A large number of health conditions can be represented by pain, however, if it comes out of nowhere and for no reason, it can be a sign of brain, bone or other types of cancer.

  1. Coughing

Coughing is another common and diverse symptom, as it can be caused by a number of health complications. However, if a cough goes on for more than 2-3 weeks, and experience pain or feel shortness of breath during coughing, it is something to contact a doctor for.

Source: naturalcureshouse.com