7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan and Lose 30 lbs

Most of as are aware of the fact that sugar can negatively impact our body and overall health. While it does produce dopamine during its consumption the sweets we consume contain sugar which can result in weight gain, wrinkles, as well as energy crashes.

And if you have a hard time resisting a sugary coffee and a sugary snack in the afternoon to boost your energy, chances are you are a sugar addict without you even knowing it.

Down below are some reasons on why you should avoid consuming sugar:

  • Increases the risk of diabetes
  • Low energy
  • Cancer
  • It can lead to eczema
  • It can lead to hypoglycemia
  • It causes ulcers
  • It suppresses the immune system
  • It increases the serotonin levels
  • It is loaded with calories but zero nutritional value
  • It reduces the body’s minerals
  • It causes heart issues
  • It causes arthritis
  • It results in adrenal fatigue
  • It damages the vision
  • It causes premature aging
  • It is addictive

Down below is a 7-day detox plan which will help you flush out all the excess sugar in your body and help you feel energetic and healthier:

1st Day

Breakfast: baked eggs with spinach and cheese

Morning Snack: Tamari almonds

Lunch: a green salad and cheesy sweet peppers with low carbs

Dinner: tomatoes and spinach with baked stuffed chicken and cucumber salad

Snack: ricotta cheese with low fat, ¼ cup part skim, ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract and several drops vanilla stevia

2nd Day

Breakfast: Sun-dried tomato with frittata

Morning Snack: Tamari almonds

Lunch: chicken with spinach and pepper peppers

Afternoon Snack: spinach dip and raw vegetables

Dinner: peppers, sautéed spinach, mushrooms and turkey lettuce cups

Snack: cheese stick

3rd Day

Breakfast: Peanut Butter Protein smoothie

Morning Snack: 3 boiled eggs, just the whites

Lunch: tomatoes, sweet peppers, salad with cucumber, green salad with vinegar and olive oil

Afternoon Snack: feta with Frittata

Dinner: vegetable soup with grilled chicken and fresh herbs

Snack: Vanilla chia pudding (no sugar and dairy)

4th Day

Breakfast: One Sante Fe Frittata’s

Morning Snack: One cheese stick

Lunch: chicken salad made from grilled

Afternoon Snack: celery with sugar-free peanut butter

Dinner: crock pot chicken with Mini zucchini cheese bites and bean stew

Snack: ½ cup cottage cheese

5th Day

Breakfast: Sante Fe Frittata’s

Morning Snack: raw vegetables in feta dip

Lunch: same as day 3

Afternoon Snack: cucumber and tomatoes and salad with feta cheese

Dinner: Cheesy breadsticks with Italian green bean salad

Snack: Vanilla chia pudding

6th Day

Breakfast: egg muffin no crust

Morning Snack: raw veggies with spicy feta dip

Lunch: the same as day 5

Afternoon Snack: the same as day 5

Snack: garlic and zucchini noodles with chicken drumstick with lemon

Dinner: 3 boiled eggs, just the whites

7th Day

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, mushrooms and sautéed spinach

Morning Snack: ½ cup cottage cheese

Lunch: light vegetable soup and zucchini noodles

Afternoon Snack: Tamari almonds

Snack: Leftover green bean salad and chicken drumsticks

Dinner: Vanilla chia pudding

Source: www.beextrahealthynow.net