97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure…

Many people are afraid from visiting the dentists, however, this isn’t always because of fear of pain but instead, a fear of developing health conditions.

It has recently been revealed that a regular medicinal procedure that most of us have done has been causing a number of degenerative diseases in people, and now some light has finally been shined upon the mystery procedure.

It is the dental procedure root canal work. After a root canal is made, the tooth is practically a “dead” tooth. The reason why this is so dangerous is because it can become the center of accumulation of a number of poisonous bacteria which have a high chance of entering your bloodstream and causing a number of health conditions, most of which take years and even decades to develop.

But the reason why many people are deceived is because the root-canal teeth during regular dental checks, does not appear to be hazardous at all. Despite this, it is advised that you remove any dead part from your body.  You don’t see anybody keep their appendix, frostbitten fingers or gangrene-infected limbs. But after everything, root canals are still being kept by people, despite the teeth being dead.

It is no secret that our immune system isn’t build to support dead items, as the presence of a necrotic tissue can trigger your immune system to start an attack. Even more bacteria is accumulated around the dead tissue by autoimmune rejection, which can later storm your blood supply with a single bite from the infected tooth.

As you can see, your precious health and immune system are just not worth the root canal and tooth. But it is understandable why people don’t remove their teeth, as it is not aesthetically appealing.

Keep in mind that you always have the option to undergo a similar dental procedure to replace a missing teeth, and while some of them can be expensive, they are definitely far safer for your health and worth it.

Source: naturalandhealthylifestyles.com