Beetroot is one of the most nutrition food products on the planet! It is concerned to be the ideal choice during winter. Known for its anti-cancer properties, beetroot is also a well know source of folic acid.

It contains organic pigments, carotenoids, and high amounts of antioxidants all of which protect our body from premature aging.

Now, let’s review why beetroot is so beneficial for us.

It is rich in microelements like: iodine, copper and selenium. It also contains minerals, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron.

With all of the above mentioned, beetroot cleans toxins from our body and it is considered as the best natural remedy for the treatment of anemia.

Apart from the nutrients, beetroot contains high amounts of betamin – extremely important for blood vessels, liver function. It regulates the blood pressure as well, and reduces cholesterol levels up to 40%.

Its color- anthocyanin, prevents the growth of tumor cells, and it is amazing agains X-ray and radioactive radiation, therefore, it is used as a medicine for treating the consequences of such radiations.

Beetroot juice improves sport performance

All athletes use energy drinks and caffeine as s stimulant before they have a match. The University of Exeter, published a study in 2009 in the “Journal of Applied Physiology”, claiming that the beetroot juice contributes best for improving athletic endurance. So, to sum up, this extremely important vegetable will not only results in strengthening athletic performance, but will help you boost your overall health!