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There is a small chance that you’ve heard of the cucumber diet before, but that is why we are here to help you find out all of the best diets and health tips and tricks.

The cucumber diet is a 1 week diet of consuming only cucumber. Whenever you feel hungry, you need to eat a cucumber.

What it does is that it cleanses and purifies your overall body, intestines from harmful toxins and chemicals and helps boost your metabolism.

Here is a more detailed look of how your diet should look like throughout the whole week:

  1. Breakfast:

– Cucumber salad

– Hard boiled eggs

  1. Snack:

– 1 Big Apple/1 peach/5 plums

  1. Lunch:

– A toasted wheat bread piece with cucumber salad

Note: The cucumber salad needs to consist of 400 grams of cucumber, 200 ml of sour milk/yogurt, some salt and a fresh onion. Start off by peeling and cutting the cucumber into small pieces and add the salt. Mix it well and add the yogurt or sour milk, and at last, add the onion.

  1. Snacks:

– A cucumber shake

How to prepare a cucumber shake:

The shake needs to consist of an apple, a cucumber and a handful of fresh spinach. Put all of the ingredients in a blender and add some fresh ginger also. Mix it well, pour the shake into a glass and drink it while it’s still fresh.

  1. Dinner

– Consume fruit of your choice up to 300 grams.

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