Do You Know The Danger Of Turning On The A/C After Starting The Engine?

Most people have the habit of turning on the A/C when they sit in their car, without giving it a second thought, not knowing that doing so can be extremely dangerous for our overall health.

The reason why, is because every time we leave our cars outside, we close the windows, and every time we leave our cars in the shade, it accumulates somewhere around 400-800 mg of benzene.

But it gets worse when your car is parked in the sun, on a temperature higher than 16 degrees Celsius. The levels of benzene increase from 2000-4000, which is not once, but 40 times more than the permitted level.

People with busy lifestyles often head to their cars in a rush, and start it with closed windows. This as result makes you inhale the benzene and it affects your liver, kidneys and bone tissue, as our body needs a longer period of time to flush it out.

Even the manuals of the cars say that the car windows should be opened before turning on the A/C, but they fail to mention the real reason why this is required.

The medical explanation goes on to state that before it starts to cool the air, the air conditioner ejects all of the previously heated air out, along with the benzene, a cancer-causing toxin.

Therefore when you sit in your car and notice a smell of heated plastic, immediately open up the windows for a few minutes before turning on the A/C. Let the windows sit open for a few minutes before turning on the car as well.

It is important that you start practicing this no, in order to protect yourself and the people you care about from such fatal consequences.