It has recently been discovered by Spanish scientists that cucurbitacins found in pumpkin seeds can destroy cancer cells, as they are loaded with beneficial compounds which boost both mental and physical health.

Cucurbitacins have a high anti-inflammatory potential which has been shown to efficiently treat a number of early stage cancers. German researchers have also discovered that these pumpkin seeds are of great help for women in menopause, as it reduces the risk of breast cancer by 23% with regular consumption.

The seeds are rich in selenium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium as well as fiber which enhances digestion.

Zinc and magnesium which are also found in the seeds contribute to the nutrient absorption process, which is why medical experts recommend the seeds to people who deal with health conditions caused by nutrient deficiencies. All you have to do is add the pumpkin seeds to your daily menu to boost your immune system, regulate your blood sugar levels, improve sleep, vision and skin complexion.

Phytosterols and zinc prevent the growth and spread of abnormal prostate cancer cells, as their anti-inflammatory effects prevent oxidative damages, and promote DNA repair.

Pumpkin seeds are best when consumed raw, but you can also consume them slightly roasted and add them to salads or smoothies. Another alternative is to implement pumpkin seed oil to your diet.

The oil can do wonders when it comes to prostate problems, as it is also rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals that inhibit cancer growth. It is recommended that you always have a bottle of pumpkin seed oil at home, as you can use it with salads and other dishes. It is also rich in omega-3 fats and it efficiently prevents free radical damage while inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells.