Stevia is A Herb That Destroys Your Smoking Desire

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The nicotine in the cigarettes is one of the most harmful habits, which is extremely hard to quit from. Smoking causes addiction and it forces your body to crave for more and more. Did you maybe know that Stevia is a herb that Destroys your Smoking Desire leading you towards a more healthy life?

Stevia is A Herb That Destroys Your Smoking Desire

How to make the proper usage and why Stevia is a Herb that Destroys Your Smoking Desire

I mean, we’re talking about health over here. If you did not know what it does, read the following and if you are a smoker, make sure to grab the Stevia Herb as fast as you can.

Therefore, when you don’t put nicotine in your body, the next phase brings unpleasant emotions and difficulties, because it is hard for the organism to get used to new life without nicotine. The physical symptoms usually last for one week, yet the nicotine cravings last longer.

However, Stevia, a herb, which has been used as a sweetener for a long time, can help you quit smoking. This herb is native to Paraguay and it is a member of the chrysanthemum family.

Only a couple of drops of Stevia directly on your tongue can stop the cravings instantly. Stevia can be found in healthy food stores in liquid or in powder. It is also an excellent herb for the treatment of acne and dermatitis.

Growing it in your home

The perennial plant needs warmer conditions in order to live. Its roots can survive in zone 8, and if you protect them well, in zones 9 and warmer.

The soil needs to be good quality, loose , and loamy, well drained, in 12 -inch containers. Keep the plant in direct sunshine, and water when you see that soil is dry.

Stevia needs 18 inches free space, since it will grow 1-3 feet in height. Wait for the frost to come and plant it. It is advisable to use compost, and mulch in order to prevent drying out in summer.

Good drainage is very important so that it doesn’t rot. Stevia blooms in autumn, and gives white flowers. If you would like to stimulate new leaves, trim off the flowers. It has sweeter leaves in autumn, and they taste better before the plant blooms. Dry the leaves on the sun, collect them and crush them in a processor, until you get a powder.

Stevia should be kept in airtight conditions, and added to food and drinks. It won’t dissolve, but it will be very effective. If you’ve already found it and tried it too, make sure you leave a comment down below and tell us your expectations and results. We are really curious about this, for real!

Do not forget to leave your comments down below. Let’s help each other by doing that! We honestly think it will help you quit Smoking, so, let’s see who’s going to succeed faster!

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